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Confetti Waffles with a Dose of Immune Boosters

Let's be real, dinner can get repetitive and boring. Toss confetti waffle idea onto your weeknight dinner list for a fast, delicious, and creative dinner, that leaves you feeling super satisfied.

Ingredients: (serves 1)

  • 1/3 cup Trader Joes High Protein pancake mix (140 cals, 10g protein)

  • 1 cup veggies you have in your pantry (spinach, cooked onion, roasted garlic, sundried or fresh tomatoes

  • Chia seeds

  • Topping suggestions -


Add 1/3 cup TJ's pancake mix into a bowl. Add 1/3 cup water. Mix until well combined. Toss in veggies of choice. Add batter to waffle maker. Once done top with: protein (ex. shedded chicken), portobello mushrooms, & bbq sauce

Benefits of tossing veggies into your waffle:

  • Waffle doubles in size for so you feel like you're eating more but there are less calories

  • Adds fiber to keep you full, longer (so less picking after dinner)

  • Adds immune boosting nutrients, and we all probably need more of that right about now.


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