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Healthy Dinners Made Delicious: Air "Fried" Crispy Chicken

Planning dinner daily can be overwhelming. Here's an easy solution to make your life a little easier:

Keep a running list of quick go-to options: like these 20-min home-made crispy chicken nuggets. All you need is chicken, pretzels (or other chip or breading), and a condiment. Pair with frozen veggies, and you got yourself a quick, super tasty meal.

Other quick go-to options can be:

  • TJ cauliflower gnocchi (air fried) with shrimp, frozen broccoli and tomato sauce

  • Salmon burgers made from canned salmon served on roll with side salad

  • scallops with farro, tomato and cucumbers

Check what's in your pantry and make the list convenient to you!

Let's compare, homemade vs. store bought or fast food:

Your typical fast food chicken nuggets have ~190 Cals, 10g protein, 13 g of fat

These, also fast food, chicken nuggets are lower in calorie, double the protein, and almost no unhealthy fats (160 Cals, 25g protein, 0.5g of fat)


- 1 lb chicken raw cut into cubes (tofu also works)

- Bbq sauce, honey mustard, and/or sriracha

- 20 pretzels, crushed


Add cubed chicken to bowl, toss with condiment of choice. Place crushed pretzel spread out on a 9 inch plate. Roll cubed chicken one by one. Place a single layer of chicken in air fryer. Cook for 8 mins on 400 or until chicken is cooked. Flip halfway.

Makes 4 servings.



Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist
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